The Smart Manufacturing Summit by Global Industry has been chosen to demonstrate the Aichi Digital Island Project! - SMS by GI 2024



The Smart Manufacturing Summit by Global Industry has been chosen to demonstrate the Aichi Digital Island Project! 

The Aichi Digital Island Project is underway in Aichi Prefecture, Japan, aiming to establish the Central Japan International Airport Island and its surrounding area as an open innovation hub utilizing digital technologies like 5G! 

This project, initiated last year, seeks to advance future businesses and services expected to become mainstream by 2030. 

In the current fiscal year, the project encompasses five demonstration experiments utilizing 5G and involves collaborations between local businesses and facilities in the area with domestic and international tech companies. These experiments will begin with an Avatar Robot demonstration on September 29th and culminate at the “SMART MANUFACTURING SUMMIT BY GLOBAL INDUSTRIE (hereby called the Summit)” event at Aichi Sky Expo from March 13th to 15th, 2024

Here are some highlights of the project: 

1. Implementation Support project for Digital Technology Utilizing 5G [Demonstration Experiments]: 

Facial Recognition for Smooth Mobility and Facility Usage (Panasonic): Enable entry and exit at the Summit, payment at stores, mobility usage, etc. 

Behavioural Change Utilizing People Flow and Attribute Data (Toyota Boshoku Corporation): Aims to enhance customer satisfaction at the Central Japan International Airport and Aichi Sky Expo by estimating visitor attributes and providing opportunities for behaviour change. 

Enhancing Exhibition Content Utilizing Digital Spaces (KDDI Corporation): Enhancing exhibition content by utilizing digital spaces, enabling the display of large exhibits that are challenging to transport in reality. 

Digital Twin of Exhibition Spaces (NTT Data Tokai Corporation): Recreating the SMS exhibition venue in a digital space, predicting visitor movements based on preferences, and recommending booths to attendees. 

Avatar Robots (Avatarin Corporation): For SMS over 20 Avatar Robots can be oparated simultaneously using 5G, making it possible to participate in SMS from remote locations including overseas. It will also be able to do tasks like guiding visitors and touring local attractions. 

2. Promotion of Digital Technology Utilization, Matching Support for 5G, etc. [Matching Support]: 

Business Matching Coordination (PwC Consulting LLC): Promote demonstration experiments and implementation of digital technologies such as 5G by domestic and foreign tech companies using this area. It will facilitate business matching between local entities and domestic/international tech companies with 5G and digital technology. 

3.Additionally, there will be the “Aichi Digital Island Forum” aimed at fostering collaboration between demonstration projects under the Aichi Digital Island Project, raising awareness among local businesses and facilities, and encouraging cooperation. 

These initiatives aim to harness the potential of 5G and other digital technologies to create innovative services and solutions in the Aichi region. 

On top of that, preliminary demonstration experiments will be conducted from September to October, please visit the prefecture website for more information (only in Japanese).